mothering the mother.

I think it's time.


I have been working on this for quite some time, and I think just putting it out there is the only step left in the process.

My new site with my new endeavor I have been investing in for months now is finally being added to my professional arsenal!

I am proud to announce that I am now a postpartum support doula!

This place of awakening is very personal - with a bit of professional experience as an an in-home newborn/fam photographer - but more so because, I have been there. I was the postpartum mother.

I suffered from postpartum depression with my 1st born (not many people know this). It was nearly impossible to maneuver my postpartum days, weeks, and months, without any understanding or knowledge of what I was doing/feeling. Nor did I know of, or have any support from a community of other mothers and postpartum professionals. I was alone, and I was engulfed in stigma. It is time to end that stigma.


"Being alone, is the antithesis of the postpartum journey.

having a postpartum doula is a NECESSITY not a luxury."


Becoming a mother is hard. Let's be real. Even if motherhood was handed to us on a silver platter, with no PPD or mood/hormonal imbalance present, it is still hard as fuck. Goodness how many times do we find ourselves in those first very fragile weeks postpartum, questioning every single thing we do? We need to end the stigma surrounding the word POSTPARTUM.

"How do I hold him/her" "Did he/she eat enough?" "Why won't he/she sleep?" "Why is he/she crying?" "Why am I crying?" "HELP!"

Who is with me? ::everyone::

This isn't just about mothers either. This includes the entire postpartum family. Alleviating the worry from mom when her partner goes back to work. Or help leaving the house with your baby for the very first time. What about your other children? They are involved too.

As I fell into honing my craft as an in-home newborn photographer, I found my purpose inside these homes, during the most vulnerable times in these people's lives. To help. To document the journey. To aid in providing that shoulder to cry on, or that ear to ask questions to.

I am in these people's intimate spaces, providing something beyond the imagery.


The experience.


Now I have the evidence-based credentials to provide more to this.

"mothering the mother" has never rang more true to me.


You matter. Let me provide support in one of the most necessary and needed times of support.

**OH, and let me include that newborn session for you too. You can have it all. You deserve it ALL!**

the postpartum journey begins here. postpartum is beautiful and unique.

the postpartum journey begins here. postpartum is beautiful and unique.

Please click on the images below to sift through the gallery of glorious postpartum + newborn imagery!